You’ve hit it off on a first date with someone new and the sparks are flying. But when it’s time to make a move, uncertainty comes creeping in. That hindering feeling of frightening your match away by giving the wrong impression or moving too fast is reasonable. Should you lean in for a kiss on the first date, or is that too risky? If you’ve been wondering how to make a move on someone you like, our Matchmakers have you covered. Here are 8 tried and true ways to show your crush you’re interested in them.

  1. Hold Eye Contact Our first move might seem obvious, but surprisingly singles overlook this. When you are talking on a first date, look them in the eyes. Eye contact is a form of non-verbal communication that is used to build intimacy, connection, and affection. It is also a sign of confidence, strength, and self-esteem.

    When making a move on your match, make eye contact when you talk to each other. The more you look them in the eye, the more likely they will feel comfortable with you and see that you are showing interest in what they are saying and doing. This can help them feel more connected with you.

    How come? Because eye contact increases the production of oxytocin, which is a chemical that has been called the “trust hormone.” So, when you make strong eye contact with someone, you’re helping to create a bond of trust between you and the other person, which makes it the best time to make a move.
  2. Go Dancing Together Dancing is a great way to get close without making an obvious “move”. It is also a great way to get someone to see you in a new light!

    Pick a venue that has an open dance floor and invite them to have some fun. As you dance with someone and get physically close, it will become more obvious that you are ready to be more than friends. But remember to pay attention to their body language too, and see how comfortable they are.

    Also, when dancing with someone you like, donʼt forget to be playful! Show off that your hips don’t lie, or maybe even throw in a few spins. The goal is to make this person feel comfortable around you. Dancing might also reveal if you have good chemistry and are in sync, too!
  3. Hold Hands Something as simple as holding hands can build an amazing connection between you and the person you like. And it’s a great move to show them you’re serious about them.

    Holding hands is an intimate gesture that shows affection. Several studies show that hand-holding reduces stress! What better way to make a move on that special person in your life?

    This action can help you to get to know your match on a deeper level. It allows the two of you to be in sync with each other’s bodies, responding to their movements and rhythms. Which can guide whether you can take the next step in your romantic life. So, next time you find yourself strolling in the park together (or having one of our favorite park dates), reach out!
  4. Go on a Romantic Date This move might be the easiest yet! Take your partner on a romantic date. No, it doesn’t have to be extravagant either - we have some great first date ideas on our blog.

    Consider a lovely picnic in the park, stargazing, a long drive on the coastline, or inviting them to a cozy wine bar in town. Now here are some things to keep in mind: try to avoid talking about work or other stressful topics. Instead, try to steer the conversation towards topics that are more personal, such as your family, your childhood, or your goals for the future. That’s how you create a mood that’s perfect for you to make a move.

    Wondering what that could look like? Well, you could put your arm around their shoulders, show your appreciation through nods and smiles, invite them to dance, or gently hold their hand. Chances are these will lead to some romance in the air. But remember to pay attention to their body language and see if they are feeling comfortable.
  5. Lean in to learn more about them Since we’re talking about steering the conversation toward the positive, we cannot stress enough how much this helps in making your move. Showing interest in someone is a great way to show them that you like them and want to spend more time getting to know more about them.

    You can ask them about their childhood, their college years, or -hobbies. You can ask them questions about their favorite books, movies, or music as well.

    And, if you are feeling particularly confident, you can even get them to open up to you and share their feelings about you. Now, wouldn’t that be the easiest way to see if they want more?
  6. Smile When You Meet It’s pure science: your date will like you more when you smile. How? When someone sees you smiling, they tend to smile back. And when they do, their body releases endorphins that make them feel better. Which in turn helps them associate a good feeling with you. We bet this got you thinking about your best jokes, right?

    On top of that, studies have shown that smiling can help reduce stress, strengthen relationships, and improve your mood. It is also seen as a fairly sincere sign of friendship. So the next time you meet someone new that you would like to get to know better, try to not forget to smile at them!
  7. Point out what you admire about them One great way to show someone how you feel about them is to point out the things that you admire about them. Yes, we know there must be many, but have you voiced them out yet?

    When you have a moment, share how you feel about them sincerely and what it is about them that you admire the most. Bonus points if it shows that you’ve been paying attention to what they’ve been telling you. For instance, do you admire that they volunteer on Sundays? Or that they won the best essay in middle school? Maybe you love the fact that they always make time for their siblings no matter how busy their schedule is. Or maybe you adore how they are always able to crack a joke after a stressful day. Whatever it is, show appreciation and make your move!
  8. Ready to meet someone special? Finally, one of the best ways to make a move is to pay close attention to the signs. Because trust us, they are sending them out to you!

    Signs can be subtle, like holding your gaze with intention, or obvious changes like holding your hand or putting their head on your shoulder. It all depends on the person and the situation. They might be always eager to call you after your date and plan the next meet-up or invite you over for a romantic movie. All of these signs show they like you back and wouldn’t mind you making the next move. So, when that happens, we encourage you to try some of our best moves above and see what clicks!

Ready to meet someone special?

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